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I started this blog because I have too many things in my head all crowding each other to get out. Unfortunately, simply creating the site didn’t solve the problem of what to say first.

Maybe y’all can help me out with this? Leave a comment with one or two subjects that have been on your mind and/or you would like to hear my thoughts on. With luck, something will poke at one of the logs rolling around in my brain river (yes I am torturing this metaphor to death) and we can start breaking this mess up in here.

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  1. David Gates David Gates

    Recently the weather has been warm here and we are still in COVID-19 lockdown. One of the things that I do to fill the time is go over to a secluded area in some woods near my home and sit quietly on a largish stone that happens to be fairly comfortable. There I sit and watch the leaves flutter in the trees and enjoy the warm air. Doing this I think I’m about as happy as I’ve ever been. It seems ironic to me that I have not discovered this simple “activity” before. Others have told me similar stories about their recent experiences, and still others have related to me that they can’t take another minute of lockdown.

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