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New Year, New Plan

I’m about to make a pretty big change to how and where I write online.

In a few days, I will be launching a (free) newsletter on Substack: Nine Lives, version 2.0 (now with twenty-five years more wisdom, I hope).

The original Nine Lives was written when I was twenty-seven through thirty-one (with a brief coda at thirty-three). I’ve gone back and reread most of those entries recently, and from this vantage point I’d characterize it as about two-thirds real-time window into my extremely dramatic young life, and maybe one-third thoughtful, eloquent insights that mostly stand the test of time.

The former is often pretty cringy, to be honest. Those folks (and I am positive there were some) who read the original for the ongoing live soap opera will likely find little of interest in the new iteration (unless they too have changed as much as I have). Not only is my life comparatively quite boring now, but even on the rare occasions I do experience personal drama, I have no desire to share it with the world as it happens. Dramatic life events will only appear after they’re long over, when enough time has passed that I have perspective and context and some kind of meaningful larger insight.

Things like ‘here are all the photos of my kitchen remodel’ and other minor life updates will remain here on this blog — basically anything I want to share with casual friends and acquaintances but would not expect to be of interest to people who’ve never met me. Consider the blog here a replacement for the kind of personal posts I used to make on Facebook in between article links. If this interests you, I encourage you to sign up for email notifications or grab the RSS feed (both are in the sidebar) if you want to know when I post things here, because it will be highly erratic and I won’t always be mentioning them on social media.

Going forward, the Nine Lives newsletter will take the place of some of the more thoughtful posts here on this blog, some of the sorts of essays I’ve been writing on Medium, and also provide a home for some things I’ve been thinking about that haven’t really fit in anywhere. I deliberately am making no promises about content or niche, because I want the freedom to go where my weird brain takes me. But if you liked the old Nine Lives and have stuck around all this time, you’ll probably like the new one.

Pre-launch subscription link is up now. Hope to see you there.

Edit: In December 2023, I decided to move Nine Lives away from Substack. You can now view the archives and/or subscribe via Buttondown.

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