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A Few Writing Updates

Contracts for the short story I talked about in August turned up at long last and have been negotiated and signed, so that I can now finally announce that “Hope Is the Thing With Feathers” has sold to Asimov’s Science Fiction. Still don’t have any idea which issue, but it seems reasonable to hope for sometime in 2023 …

A few things have changed since the last time I went through this process more than two decades ago, and the experience led me to pitch the SFWA blog (a paying market) a post on “How to Negotiate Your Short Fiction Contract, and Why You Should Bother”. That pitch has also been accepted, so I’ve got ~1k words on that topic in my near-term writing queue. Assuming that all works out, I will earn back my SFWA membership fee for this year, whoo!

Meanwhile, I’ve written not just one but three essays for my brand-new newsletter, and briefly dusted off my graphics skills to draw a little logo for it. I also made the semi-whimsical decision back on post two that I am going to illustrate the entire newsletter exclusively with cute animal photos and I HAVE ZERO REGRETS.

Speaking of animals, I have fully abandoned the bird site and am now all-in on Mastodon. After the initial bumpiness of Old Dog encountering New Tricks, I have settled in and am enjoying it — not just more than I expected, but more than I’ve enjoyed any social media in probably at least a decade.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about things right now, like all my oars are dipping in rhythm. Onward!

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  1. Morgan Wallace Morgan Wallace

    Very good news, Karawynn! I’ve been a fan of your fiction since the ’90s. You’re return to the literature of amazement is most welcome.

    I’m an Asimov’s subscriber. I will watch for the story.

  2. Karawynn Karawynn

    Thanks everyone! I’ve received and returned galleys now; it’s scheduled for the July/August issue (on sale mid-June).

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