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Am I Officially ‘Back from the Dead’ Now?

I just realized that I posted about my latest story publication everywhere online except … my own actual web site. <facepalm>

cover of Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, Jul/Aug 2023

“Hope Is the Thing With Feathers” — my short story about a nonspeaking autistic person, genetically engineered corvids, and the importance of self-determination — appears in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, July/August 2023 issue. Individual print copies are in bookstores (most Barnes & Nobles, plus indies that carry SFF) and newsstands until around the second week of August. Single-copy digital versions are available on Magzter.

Given the lineup of well-known authors in this issue, I’m surprised (but pleased) that my name made the cover. This is my first fiction sale to Asimov’s, though I had two poems in the magazine back in the Dozois era.

I also wrote an essay about the differences between writing short- and long-form fiction, and the giant life-gap in my publishing career, to my Nine Lives newsletter.

That’s all for the moment; more writing in the pipeline for later in the month.

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  1. Paul Barbeau Paul Barbeau

    Hi !
    I enjoyed your story ” Hope is the Thing with Feathers ” in Asimov’s. I didn’t
    recognise your name , so I looked you up online and was disappointed that weren’t
    a bunch of books of yours that I could order and read . I look forward to seeing more of
    your work in the future,
    Paul Barbeau

    • Karawynn Karawynn

      Thank you, Paul! I am doing everything I can to get my first novel finished, polished, and published! It’s not a fast process, though … if you’d like to be notified when I have something available (and don’t mind monthly updates), you can sign up for my newsletter.

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