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You know, I promised three posts about ‘what happened to June’, but more properly the third one should be subtitled ‘what happened to July’.

The short version is: a starving, fearful stray puppy turned up in our shared garden on June 26. After about 36 hours of exploring rescue options (currently nonexistent) and Very Serious Discussions, Jak and I decided to keep him. And predictably enough, the last three weeks have been All Puppy, All The Time.

There’s a longer story, though (as always), and as I’ve thought about it over the past two weeks, I’ve decided that story is worthy of a Nine Lives. (Plus, who among my subscribers wouldn’t love a string of puppy photos?!) It won’t be the very next one, because I’m already working on something else that I feel is important and somewhat time-sensitive. But after that — maybe early August? — I promise to talk about puppies.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of Tashi (Tibetan for ‘good fortune’) from July 5.


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