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about the author

A middle-aged white woman with very long light brown hair looks slightly to one side while smiling. She is wearing glasses and an orange v-neck t-shirt. Out of focus in the background is a brick wall covered in flame vines: dark green leaves and orange flowers.
february 2023

Karawynn Long is:

  • an award-winning author of short science fiction and fantasy, currently writing her first novel
  • a ferocious feminist, a vehement antiracist, a furious anticapitalist, and an impassioned democratic socialist
  • a female-bodied person who finds gender confounding, but who respects the names and pronouns other people assign themselves
  • a light-skinned person doing her best to hear and support people who are not
  • a panromantic asexual in a polyamorous long-term partnership with an allosexual
  • a late-identified hyperlexic autistic, with a long list of comorbid conditions
  • a stepmother to now-adult daughters, one of whom is also neurodivergent
  • a child abuse survivor who lives with mental illness, and is physically disabled on multiple axes
  • a Fox and an Orchid