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contact me

My general public email is (unimaginatively enough) “public” at this domain. (I have an aggressive spam filter; I do try to monitor it, but if you think your email has gotten lost, a comment on the blog here will get my attention.) If you have a former Gmail address for me, be aware that I no longer use Gmail and do not regularly monitor either of them.

If you are contacting me about proofreading or copyediting work, please use “proof” at this domainĀ for the fastest response.

Because I find the current state of surveillance capitalism alarming, I have been changing how I interact with social media and other Big Tech. I used to interact with friends on Facebook and strangers on Twitter. Now I check into Facebook perhaps once every month or two, and almost never post. I completely abandoned Twitter and now be found primarily on Mastodon and sometimes Bluesky.

I am available to chat with people I know on Signal, but you’ll need to email me to get the registered phone number in order to find me there.

If you feel moved to support my ongoing stream of words in a financial manner, you can do so via my Ko-fi account. (Thank you!)