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After a couple of years of laziness, by which I mean ‘posting the occasional personal update on Facebook because it’s easier,’ I’m trying once again to put my writing back under my own control. The plan right now is to keep personal content here, and limit use of FB to perhaps weekly check-ins. Let’s hope I can stick to it this time.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may know the basic outline of my recent life, but I’m going to sketch it out quickly for anyone else.

In mid-January 2022 Jak and I started a long-planned total kitchen renovation project. Originally projected at nine weeks, we are now at twenty-six weeks and still counting. This situation has sucked up way too much money, eaten much of my time over the last six months, and driven my blood pressure up into truly dangerous levels. Meanwhile, we have been living crammed into three rooms — about two-fifths of our house by area — and doing our dishes and laundry outside. Which has not been fun at all, but the fact that we still tolerate and even like each other after six months of this says a lot about the strength of our relationship and our long-term compatibility.

At the end of June, I travelled on an airplane for the first time since February 2020: to Seattle, where Jak and I were able to see many friends whom I hadn’t seen in person for seven years (my autoimmune disorder struck six years ago, and the subsequent disability followed by the pandemic derailed many plans). There were some pretty significant logistical snags in the trip, but parts of it were wonderful and heart-healing.

We were as covid-careful as we could possibly be, and I think we managed to get through it without catching covid itself, although we did both get sick: I had two days of 102°F fever (but no other symptoms) near the end of our stay, and just after we got home Jak came down with all the upper-respiratory symptoms (but no fever). At this point I am confident that what I had was not covid, because it very much does not fit the current Omicron profile, and I am hopeful that Jak doesn’t have it either, though in his case we need to get to day six of negative antigen tests before I feel sure.

So far I do not seem to be catching whatever he is having now, which is odd, because it seems too strong to be just allergies, and there is literally no room in our two-fifths of a house for us to separate, much less isolate. Or maybe it’s just slow incubation and I’ll get it in the next day or two.

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  1. Yes – I know most of this from Facebook. It seems to me you deserve some calm and possibly the more of the feelings of security and love that only old friends can bring. I’m glad that you got a little hit of the last on your trip. I ĺl be waiting to read more.

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